Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hi kawankawann ,

Actually , nothing to say and nothing to write b'cos i am lack of idea. The main reason i'm typing this entry is b'cos of boredom! Okay , let's talk about the day before and after PMR! First of all , i'm sorry if i'll talk nonsense things. Well , like i say just now, i'm lack of idea! Hehe, before PMR, i was too busy with books , tuition and classes. I feel too tired and i want to stop doing that such things. At night , i always with books and no FACEBOOK! What a pity,right ? But now,PMR is over! At first, i feel to happy. NOW , i feel too boring and miss my books! Funny right ? Miss to read HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY , MATH and others books! Why should all this happen? Am i going crazy? What should i do ? 

# please, ignore the grammar, vocabulary error , okay? 
i just wanna to improve my english. 

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